Introduction to Expressive Arts Focusing Hands-on Methods: Finding Ground in Experiential Arts. Roots, Branches, and Wings Series with Pioneers and Master Teachers

April 19, 2024. Sponsored by the Focusing And Expressive Arts FOAT Institute

Presenter Statement

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Power Point Slides

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Presentation Handout

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Reference Art

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Get informed how clients can take up space and speak for themelves with Expressive Arts Focusing

Read our chapter 'Saying no in presence: Setting limits through body sense’, published in Senses of Focusing vol. II (Kypriotakis and Moore, 2021, pp. 469-483)

With a Focusing and FOAT® based directive for healthy boundaries

Shortened version: Blob, Freda, Exploring Space In Presence with Creative Arts. In: The Art of Insight. Journal for the Association of Person-Centred Creative Arts, Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan. 2024, pp 34-39.

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Focusing Oriented Therapy Conference TIFI 2023, November 2-5, 2023

The Fresh Urgency of Nowand the Transformational Power of Focusing-Oriented Therapy

Workshop Creative Compassion: Building Relational Empathy through Expressive Arts Focusing Activities

Freda Blob

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  • 15. International Conference IEATA 2023, July 14-16, 2023 Workshop Creative Compassion: Building Relational Empathy through Expressive Arts Focusing Activities. Get informed about Creative Compassion and download the IEATA conference handout for free. Use the IEATA conference art directive for your clients


  • 14. International Conference IEATA 2022, 01-16-2021 Workshop Into the More - Exploring the Transformative Potential of Expressive Avenues. Get the IEATA conference handout for free


Videos With Us On The Help Tor Helpers Youtube Channel

Help for Helpers is a free Focusing Support Group for to empower, hearten and encourage therapists, counselors, teachers and helpers of all kind

  • Video Creative Compassion, November 6, 2023 @CommEmpowerHelpForHelpers
  • Video Embodied Aesthetics for Wellbeing, February 7, 2022 @FocusingOrientedTherapies
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Help for Helper's is run by Lynn Preston/Focusing-Oriented Relational Psychotherapy and team


Download the Embodied Aesthetics reader to video Februar 7, 2022 - with practice prompts

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