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Dive Into Focusing Based Expressive Arts Practice

Expressive Arts Focusing - Upcoming Events

April 18, 2024 @ 4:00 - 6.00 PM Europe/Berlin Time,Time Zone Converter

Creative Compassion: Empathy in the Space of Focusing and the Arts

Duration: 120 minutes

Prizing: 25 EUR for European participants, 28 EUR for US/Canadian participants, pay-as-you-can option for participants from other countries (minimum 15 EUR). Early Bird (up to 3 weeks before webinar date): Reduction of 5 Eur/ticket

Host/Presenter: Freda Blob, FOCUSZART The Focusing Studio

Language: German English

Art materials: Paper, tape, oil crayons or pastels, pencil

The Creative Compassion practice was developed by presenter Freda Blob.

Freda Blob is the creator of Expressive Arts Focusing (ExAF), a trauma-sensitive practice that offers an expressive arts based approach in the tradition of the European intermodal 'Focusing Plus'. Freda Blob (CP, Ed., AT, FOT-FOAT, CFP-FOAT, PCT, GDP) has been teaching Expressive Arts Focusing both nationally and internationally online since 2019

Expressive Arts Focusing - Upcoming Events ©Yukon Haughton/Unspleash,

What the Workshop is About

In this webinar we are going to connect what belongs together: The expressive voice of ME, the expressive voices of YOU and the expressive voice of the Bigger Us. Diving into Focusing with the Expressive Arts we take care of individual and collective needs celebrating expressive humaness

Starting from 1:1 empathy we move forward towards interactive empathy using techniques of Embodied Aesthetics. Approaching the interplay of 'interaction first' (Gene Gendlin) we slow down for to listen inside. From: 'this is how it works for me' and 'this is how it works for you' we sense into 'this is how it works for you and me and also for others'

Relational Empathy (Maureen o`Hara) is a powerful ressource for community life and yet so often neglected in everyday business. Focusing and user friendly receptive-active arts engagement offer opportunities to explore Relational Empathy from our inner body's wisdom and give expression to what we find inside

Therapeutic arts directives and directives from Expressive Arts Focusing ExAF will unleash your inner artist and make your embodied self get stronger. This enables you to grow beyond personal likes and dislikes and integrate the individual and the collective through the arts

No previous art experience required. Newcomers to Focusing are welcome! Focusing experience or experience with Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts FOAT® is helpful

April 19, 2024 @11am - 1pm PST (8 - 10pm CET) Time Zone Converter

Introduction to Expressive Arts Focusing Hands-on Methods: Finding Ground in Experiential Arts

Presentation sponsored by the FOAT Institute Roots, Branches and Wings Series with Pioneers and Master Teachers, Focusing And Expressive Arts FOAT Institute, Santa Rosa, US

More coming soon

Expressive Arts Focusing - Upcoming Events ©Mario Begollari/Unsplash

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The main ressource comes from within

Expressive Arts Focusing - Upcoming Events ©Matthieuw Jungfer/Unsplash

This is what you get:


  • Becoming alive
  • Finding safety, comfort and peace
  • Releasing trauma
  • Staying in focus
  • Building resilience

There is a person inside and a part in everyone that is artist and healer

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Thank you for connecting with us. We are happy to be at your service for individual workshop scheduling

Virtual Studio Time: Expressive Arts Focusing ExAF for Youself and Your Clients

Format: 1,5 - 3 hours (2 to 4 teaching units)

2 teaching units, 18.00 Eur/participant

Get to know Expressive Arts Focusing ExAF tools. Give it a try! It's fun time

Each Studio time with new exercises for try out. No previor knowledge or artistic skills required

Book us for your clients or your institution

Your Body is Making Your Art: Introduction to FOAT®

Sunday 2 - 5 pm CET

Webinar, 4 teaching units, 38.00 EUR

Creating from the Body Sense makes all the difference. Get in touch with your inner artist's voice and your body's inner wisdom. Expressing artistically from the body sense is deepening your sense of self. Your journey will be carried forward through FOAT® pathways. New kinds of experiencing will emerge from there

Discover the quality of body based art making! No previour knowledge or artistic skills required

Where to Find Creativity Within? Becoming Friends with the Inner Critic

Sunday 2 - 5 pm CET

Webinar 4 teaching units, 38.00 EUR

The Inner Critic is your inner artist's sibling. He/she is dwelling elsewhere than in your head. Blocking and playing unfair this part wants to be heard. Expressive Arts Focusing ExAF enhances a dialoge with both parts. Releasing body-based artwork makes both parts collaborate

Focusing experience is helpful 

Colour Sounds: Exploring Art Freshly

Sunday 2 - 5 pm CET

Webinar, 4 teaching units, 38.00 EUR

Dive into body-art conversation. We make space through lines, color and shape. New imagery comes with breathing, sound exploration and slow art making

We will take cutouts from professional art prints as reference pictures and express our response in one-line drawings from Felt Sense. What emerges from there is fresh and unique with multiple meaning

No previor artistic skills required. Focusing is helpful

Botanical Drawing: Drawing Nature from the Body Sense

Sunday 2 - 5 pm CET

Webinar 4 teaching units, 38.00 EUR 

We start with Tree-Breathing and mindfulness based perception. Relating to the plant world is nourishing creative flow. No right nor wrong will guide us here but our environmental body sense. Going outside, picking pieces from nature and watering them is how to draw botanics indoors

You can do Natural Illustration templates or make nature doodles. You will get botanical PDF templates for downloading

No previous knowledge or skills required

Slow Draw with the Bauhaus Founders

Sunday 2 - 5 pm CET

Webinar 4 teaching units, 38.00 EUR 

Empower yourself by following the Bauhaus founders. Use lines, strokes and dots for action oriented meditation practice. 

We follow our rythms of breath and put marks onto the paper. We develop our composition by placing various signs and forms in slow draw. We use contemplative writing as supplementary tool to stay in focus

No drawing skills required

Along the Growing Edge: Exploring the More of ... Artistically

Sunday 2 - 5 pm CET

Webinar 4 teaching units, 38.00 EUR

Behind every feeling is a More of to unfold. Focusing based Expressive Arts offer a safe container to explore artistic wholeness. Your inner source of growth has direct access to your creativity. Learn to trust your inner artist and your inner body's wisdom during art making. Something is to be found at the edge of the known and the unknown to your surprize

Focusing experience is helpful 

Smash 'n Focus: SAFE Felt Art Journaling

Sunday 2 - 5 pm CET

Webinar 4 teaching units, 38.00 EUR

We are going to do a SAFE guided art journaling practice crossing Focusing and various Art Journaling techniques. We prepare our page with the sensory based technique of Cosmic Smash Booking® CSB (an easy to learn form of healing art journaling created by Kate Galler).  We build CSB ground and to smash our bodily feelings artistically onto the page. We unleash our inner artist, encounter our embodied self, and process difficult feelings through experiential art making

You will get a Felt Art Journaling SAFE activity guide to encompass your practice

No artistic skills required.  Focusing experience is helpful

Colours of Decision: Art Based Decision Making en

Sunday 2 - 5 pm CET

Webinar, 4 teaching units, 38.00 EUR 

Are you feeling confused? Are you suffering from self-doubts? Check out what is in the way. Allow your mind to pause and listen inside. Slow down while doing art and pendulate between Felt Sense, art work and issue of decisison. Dialoging with the whole of it you will find colors guiding your way

No previour knowledge or artistic skills required

What Color is Your Sky? Dreams, Creativity and Self-Expression

Sunday 2 - 5 pm CET

Webinar, 4 teaching units, 38.00 EUR 

Daydreams are messengers. They speak of deep desires.  How do we want to live? What do we long for? What changes are calling? Daydreams want to guide us into inner landscapes. They call us to explore new horizons

The language of colors makes daydreams visible. We can look at sceneries evolving freshly. We get a sense of the message revealing from the picture

No previour knowledge or artistic skills required

EARLY BIRD discount 5 Eur/webinar ticket

Expressive Arts Focusing - Upcoming Events, ©Laura Adai/Unsplash

Navigate your innate creativity. Make your shift

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