Freda Blob

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Freda Blob CP, Ed, PCT, AT, FOT-FOAT, GDP


Clinical Psychologist CP GRAD (MA level) | Registered non-medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy

Adult Educator Ed GRAD (MA level) | Undergraduate studies in Design Techniques for vocational college teachers

Person-centered Therapist PCT | Person-centered Teaching Consultant with specialization in Existential Wellbeing Counseling

Registered Art Therapist DFKGT AT

TIFI Certifying Coordinator | TIFI Focusing Trainer | TIFI Focusing Oriented Therapist FOT-FOAT

Focusing oriented Expressive Arts FOAT® Practitioner | TIFI Focusing Professional with Specialization in FOAT®

Guided Drawing® Practitioner GDP, APPCA Practitioner for Person-Centred Creative Arts

Freda Blob has 30 years of experience as a clinician and educator. She works in private practice and at community art centers, and teaches nationally and internationally online

Freda is a senior member of the German-Swiss Focusing Network FN Leading Team. She served the network for more than two decades teaching at the annual FN summercamps 2001 - 2023

Freda offers Focusing certification programs online and in person at all levels with the German Focusing Association DFG. She volonteers for the DFG on regular basis

Freda is co-founder of the Focusing teachers group of the European Focusing Association EFA

In 2016 she hosted the European Focusing Association's meeting in Tübingen offering a forum for Community Wellness Focusing

Expressive Arts Focusing - Freda Blob, European Focusing Association meeting 2016, Focusing Center Tübingen ©Nikolaos Kypriotakis

Voices From EFA Tübingen

We worked through a quite tough topic list and yet there was plenty of warm hearted and joyful friendship time

Our meeting in Tübingen was for me, once again, a unique experience. That which I valued most was the quality of this meeting. Somehow we managed to create a warm, open, respectful and accepting atmosphere, in which everyone could find his/her place, his/her time, his/her rhythm; everyone could be him/herself. ( ... ... ) And of course there was the friendly, kind, caring, unforgettable quality of presence of Freda


We all had a chance to settle into the body felt sense, and we listened and related from our body felt sense. It deepened the quality of our relationships. Together, we created a deep open listening space where each person could be held


I liked the easiness of collaborating and our trust in the group process. Having been at quite some meetings before I will recall this time for sure, especially some of the incidential things that make such a difference and make experiencing complete

Akmal and Annika

It is always inspiring and enriching meeting with Focusing community friends! (... ...) Thank you Freda, thank you everyone for providing such a home atmosphere


I sensed a warm appreciation for all the preparations done by Friedgard to get us together in beautiful Tübingen in Germany. I experienced very positively the cultural history the European Focusing community is based upon and how it is growing forward

Expressive  Arts Focucusing - Freda Blob

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