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Academic Training and Career

My academic training started with a preliminary internship in design crafts to get enrolled in Design Techniques, a pilot program for vocational teachers at the University of Duisburg-Essen GER

My major coursework and my work as student tutor was with sculptor and Folkwang teacher Prof. Franz Rudolf Knubel. I had the honor to be part of his research project on didactics of Sensual Design (The Four Seasons)

I was participating artist at the International Stone Sculptur Symposium Kaiserslautern (1982) when my career took a turn. I got inspired by art brut and took up studies in Human Sciences as requirement for a scientifically based university programm in art therapy

I hold two university degrees in Clinical Psychology (BA, MA equivalences Free University of Berlin 1992) and Adult Education (BA, MA equivalences University of Tübingen 2010). In 2022 I got my Diploma of Advanced Studies in Art Therapy (BA equivalence) from the Catholic University of Freiburg

I specialized in Person-centered and Experiential Psychotherapy with previor trainings in Body-Therapy (Biodynamic, Biosynthesis)

I passed certification procedures with two Person-Centered Institutes (ABG Berlin 1998, depth-oriented PCA; IGB Stuttgart 2004, behavioral-oriented PCA). In 1997 I certified as Focusing trainer with the German-Swiss Focusing Network FN and became FN teacher in 2001

In 2013 I got licensed as Person-centered Teaching Consultant of the German Person-centered Society GwG and certified as Certifying Coordinator of The International Focusing Institute TIFI. Additional training in Focusing with the Whole Body (2016-2017) and Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts FOAT® (2017-2021) took my Focusing practice to a new level

Since 2022 I am guest lecturer for Focusing and the Expressive Arts at the Department of Clinical Curative Education of the Catholic University Freiburg

Post Graduate Education

I’m an expert in my field but I wouldn’t be where I am without: 

Laury Rappaport, PhD (US), my former teacher and supervisor for Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts FOAT® who introduced me to the Expressive Arts and supported me to develop my own approach

Astrid Schilllings GER who introduced me to trauma-informed Focusing with the Whole Body and offered opportunities to experience the body as most safe place

Christiane Geiser (CH), my former teacher, supervisor and mentor for intermodal Focusing Plus FN/GFK who taught me to be strictly precise in theory and practice

Uli Schlünder (GER), Jules Zwimpfer (CH), René Maas (NL) and Lore Korbei (AT) who taught me various styles of Focusing and how to pass them on

René Veugelers (NL) who introduced me to Dynamic Expressive Focusing and role-modeled how playfulness makes all the difference

Prof. Mia Leijssen (BEL) who's programm of Existenial Wellbeing Counseling shifted my psychotherapeutic framework towards the Existential Approach 

William Winkfield (US), artist and photographer located in Mérida/Mexico, who encouraged me to start with arts again after decades of clinical work

Gabriele Hasler (GER), artist and art therapist, who pushed me to suscribe for an academic art therapy program that was life changing

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