Expressive Arts Focusing

Making Arts from the Body Sense

Expressive Arts Focusing ExAF is a mindful and action-oriented hands-on approach promoting resilience, wellbeing and creative self-expression

Various methods of the Expressive Arts are coming together to make space for intermodal play: Painting, writing, moving, dance, sound exploration and Jeux Dramatiques

  • ExAF is a body-focused approach rooted in the culture of European Focusing, Art and Design

  • ExAF methods are integrative referring to trauma-informed, person-centered and experiential approaches

  • ExAF interventios are therapeutic and fit into clinical and non-clinical settings

Your Journey towards Healing

We offer two different pathways that integrate life forwarding Expressive Arts Focusing into therapy: Focusing informed Art Therapy and Focusing Therapy with the Expressive Arts

We are happy to be there for you in 1:1 sessions

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Freda Blob, founder and director of FOCUSZART The Focusing Studio

Person-centered and Experiential Art Therapist, Clinician and Educator

Certifiying Coordinator of the International Focusing Institute TIFI

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Trauma-informed Focusing with the Expressive Arts

We teach Trauma-informed Focusing with the Expressive Arts online and in person with our collaboration partners:

Focusing Initiatives International

German Swiss Focusing Network FN

Institute for Person-Centered, Experiential and Body focused Psychotherapy GFK Zurich, CH

German Focusing Association DFG

Book us for a rich and vibrant Focusing event. Learn about an innovative Focusing approach blending European Focusing with various methods of the Expressive Arts Therapies

Step into Growth through Art based Relational Empowerment

Get in touch with Creative Compassion, a practice for Relational Empowerment developed from Museum based Art Therapy. Check out the Creative Compassion website and practice online from your home studio

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Making Arts from the Body Sense

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