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Experiential arts are no method but come from the living body and the body's forwarding of the creative life force

We make space for experiential arts in Focusing and Focusing related fields of the person-centered and experiential approach (psychotherapy, counseling, education, community wellness, mindfulness, creativity)

We use three Focusing informed pathways for experiential arts engagement: Expressive Arts Focusing, Arts To Focusing Joy and Creative Compassion

In addition, we teach Focusing and Intermodal Focusing with the Arts (IFA for short) with certification at all levels in collaboration with: The International Focusing Institute TIFI, the German Person-centered Society GwG, the German Focusing Association DFG, the Swiss-German Focusing Network FN

Certification levels: Trainer, advanced practitioner, practitioner

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Expressive Arts Focusing

developed by Freda Blob

  • Expressive Arts Focusing (ExAF for short) is a body-focused approach embedded in the culture of European Focusing, along with Art and Design

  • ExAF is an integratve approach crossing Focusing with multiple therapeutic understandings of the Creative and the Expressive Arts

  • ExAF is a trauma-informed approach promoting self-regulation, resilience and existential wellbeing

Trauma Release With Expressive Arts Focusing ExAF

Get informed how Focusing works together with Existential Wellbeing Counseling (Mia Leijssen) and the Traumatology of the Expressive Arts Therapies

We teach trauma-informed Expressive Arts Focusing online and in person. To add you to the ExAF notification list please click the button below

Arts To Focusing Joy

developed by Freda Blob

  • Arts to Focusing Joy (AFJ for short) is an action-oriented approach designed to make you become more you through making arts you love

Focusing Joy is the joy of being-and-becoming. You are the person you are and you are all the infinite possiblities moving you into some more creative you

We teach you how to get access to Focusing Joy through help you make arts that get you unstuck and bring back your full range of aliveness

Arts To Focusing Joy is set up for absolute beginners or creatives who have lost track of their creative expression. To add you to the AFJ notification list please click the button below

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Creative Compassion

developed by Freda Blob

  • Creative Compassion Practice (CCP for short) is a community wellness oriented approach that helps building Relational Empathy for global peace

CCP connects to art worlds of persecuted artists and introduces you to user-friendly receptive-active arts activites for relational empowerment

Get in touch with Creative Compassion Practice (CCP), a method developed from museum art-based engagement. To add you to the CCP notification list please click the button below

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